Last year I discovered the beautiful luxury brand Maiyet upon reading an article by the BoF, “Business of Fashion” (articles which I share often). Upon further researching the company, I instantly fell in love with Maiyets brand, their story, philosophy, and vision of the future. It is not surprising that they are quickly rising to fame with a desirable appeal to the global fashion community & beyond with tons of loyal fans.

It was around the same time I discovered Maiyet, that I was establishing my short-term and long-term goals for my career and life as a whole. I have always had a strong interest in the environment, ethical practices and have a desire to include this interest in my own career initiatives.

Working in the fashion industry makes this challenging to incorporate, as there is so much frivolous excess in production, consumption and not enough effort understanding the global impact of the process. I am faced with these moral challenges as I work and seek employment within the industry. Faced with a cross road in my young career, as I require and desire more industry experience but ultimately would love to work for a company that shares similar ethical and environmental beliefs and practices as myself. It is a compromising position to be in, you need the job, so do you compromise yourself for it or take a stand for your own moral beliefs? There are consequences and sacrifices to both sides and I only hope that in either case, the opportunity allows me to work towards achieving my long term goals.

So when I discovered Maiyet, it was like an affirmation in my life and confirmed that my idea is possible. There are companies who share similar values to myself and ultimately this provided a quick flash into my future. I knew where I wanted to take it and began to see the steps on how to achieve this, one of which being to re-launch my blog!

What I love about Maiyet is:

  • the founders of the company, Paul Van Zyl, Kristy Caylor, Daniel Lubetzky all have a backgrounds in either human rights, sustainable, environmental and/ or ethical practices.  Paul Van Zyl, the founder and CEO has worked around the world to facilitate transitions of human rights protection, specifically in South Africa.
  • I am attracted to this form of leadership or initiative because in turn it resonates with another one of my design beliefs & motivations individuals whose strength and courage [break]/ broke societal norms of their day”. This is exactly what the leaders of Maiyet are doing.
  • They are pioneering the industry without blatantly branding themselves based solely on these initiatives, thus attracting the luxury market as a whole in a relevant and contemporary way-  inspiring!
  • I love that they celebrate rare artisanal skills from communities around the world, particularly in developing countries, such as Columbia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru and in established countries like Italy. Fostering global economic prosperity, sustainably and ethically.
  • They are partnered with Nest, a not-for-profit organization established to train and develop artisan business. By doing so they are working to revive the ancient tradition of weaving in Varanasi India.
  • Through these practices I love the truly unique pieces designed and created not only for ready-to-wear styles but accessories, handbags, shoes and jewelry. The products are innovative & luxurious.
  • From a purely visual perspective I adore the numerous ad campaigns featuring Canadian Model Daria Werbowy.
  • And in closing, I believe they represent all the ingredients required to set the standard among the fashion industry, turning the page to a new chapter and era within the future of fashion.

Here you have it. This is the first but certainty not the last I will be confessing my love for Maiyet. There is so much more to share!

Check out their website to learn more about the company & view their collections!



Welcome to i.nternational. c.itizen. The resurrection to my blog series by yours truly, Annika Tibando

Greetings new visitors and to all others, you may remember this:

old blog photo exShe was the blog that I cultivated from 2009 until 2011, during which time the initial blog craze swept across the globe. Everyone and their mother had a blog. It was easy to get lost amongst the abundance of bloggers and for some they swiftly navigated to the top with a unique vision and voice.  It wasn’t until shortly after I moved to New York and began to build a small following I simultaneously began working at Diane von Furstenburg, where I had less & less time to whole-heartedly dedicate to “i.nternational. c.itizen.” and so slowly she was left behind in cyber space.

Sad, yes! But since then I have learned so much more with respect to fashion, blogging, social media and how to create my own voice with something unique to say & share amongst the well established bloggers out there. At least, this is the intent.

So it is without further ado I welcome you to the new blog series. Unlike the skeleton that previously existed, I return with a new intention. c.itizen.

Is first and foremost a fashion blog with a focus on our future …  My intention is to inspire, create, share, discuss & explore the sensibility encompassed within the fashion industry on a global, ethical, environmental & socially responsible level.

Through this I hope to redefine the word luxury, as a stamp of true craftsmanship, integrity and heritage among those individuals who work together with communities around the world to produce beautiful things for a more harmonious future.

To find out more, check out about i.c.

I look forward to sharing this world with you!

With lots of love,

annika - xox