the Choreography of MAIYET for spring 2015

maiyet rock quary s15

This season Maiyet staged beautiful a presentation versus a conventional runway show. The collection was composed of clean lines, soft scarf like drapes, precision tailoring and a warm colour palette, which evidently (according to was accompanied by a poetic short film in slow motion ballet, choreographed to reflected the lyricism and force of inspiration behind the collection.  

As the label continues to grow each season, they are refining their craftsmanship. Quite literally, not only with their artisans around the world in developing countries, but within the New York studio, perfecting the Maiyet women!

“Passage to Dawn” a film directed and choreographed by Benjamin Millepied for Maiyet from MAIYET on Vimeo.


Photos sourced from and collaged by me. 


It is exciting to see the growing demand for sustainable fashion. And by this, I mean the growth in the number of consumers as well as the number of very cool contemporary & luxury designers integrating sustainable initiatives into their company. The market is still small but ever growing as we see beautiful, desirable items that are equally, if not more engaging (because of the powerful initiatives packed within them) available for sale. Here are a few of my favorite online e-tailers that I particularly love and want to share with you.

Master & Muse

ambervaletta for masterandmuse Created by Amber Valetta, to provide a channel for sustainable shopping online. Amber has “sought out brands, artisans, designers and entrepreneurs who push the envelope in how fashion is designed, sourced, constructed and sold”. Partnered with to create “YOOXYGEN” a permanent eco-friendly project in collaboration with Master & Muse. The website is beautifully constructed with engaging designer bio-pics, easy to navigate layout & shopping, ultimately providing a luxurious shopping experience. Shop here 


modavantifounders You may recall I recently featured Modavanti when I interviewed with founders of the company. Modavanti is a one stop shop for consciously minded shoppers looking for sustainable, ethical, eco, organic, vintage, Made in USA, recycled, vegan, handmade, zero-waste items via their badge system. It’s awesome, easy and the selection is great and continually growing! They focus on clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and wellness through natural beauty & lifestyle products. Mark my words, Modavanti will be the next net-a-porter in sustainable fashion. Shop here


Rev en Vert

Based out of London, this online shop is aesthetically pleasing to browse. The web layout is clean, minimalistic and sophisticated. It is an elegant, inspiring experience. They offer a variety of designers and brands to choose, from clothing, accessories, beauty and home wares, including Pamela Love, Hare + Hart, and Isabell de Hillerin. I love the designer brand profiles of each. They focus on companies that withhold local, sustainable, independent or ethical initiatives. I really look forward to watching their selection of designers increase! Shop here



  “The fashion and textile industry is one of the most toxic, chemically dependent industries on earth and the #2 polluter of clean water”

As a leader in the industry, Reformation prides itself in three ethos when it comes to their fabric selection:

  1. Sustainable materials options (albeit I wish there was a little more initiative to use more natural organic fibres like cotton, wools, silks…)
  2. Repurposed vintage clothing
  3. Rescued deadstock fabric from fashion houses that over-ordered

I have yet to personally interview them for my blog (it’s on my list), however one of the most important questions I often ask sustainable companies is what initiatives they integrate into their studio office space. Reformation, openly boosts about their eco solutions, which include the use of clean energy, eco packaging (hugely important), energy efficient fixtures & appliances, recycled hangers & office supplies, unbleached/ chlorine free paper products, 75% recycled paper content and non-toxic janitorial supplies… Now this is a work environment I can happily get on board with everyday.

Next to that, all garments are designed, manufactured, photographed and shipped from their LA office. What I love most is that the clothing is well priced and beautifully desirable to individuals who may or may not choose clothes based on their sustainable values. Because as we all know that at the end of the day, being sustainable is one thing, but if the product is not well designed or aesthetically inspiring to wear then you’re not going to buy it. And this is the most important ingredient to sustainable fashion, it must appeal to the unassuming or unaware customer.

Shop here


With this in mind, I would love to hear if you have a particularly favorite online sustainable e-tailer or retailer. I am constantly researching to learn what is new and available!

Happy shopping… sustainably’


Photos sourced from company websites. Modavanti photo taken by Andrew Boyle.



I recently had the pleasure to be a guest blogger on Living Pretty Naturally, the natural beauty blogger Kate, whose wealth of knowledge is shared weekly on her site. She dives into every topic from health, beauty, food, body, organic, natural, raw, eco, sustainable… it’s all there!

My guest post was a first for her, on sustainable fashion. See below, as originally posted on here.


I am constantly thrilled to learn about new sustainable brands, companies and organizations which are setting the benchmark for inspiring design an innovation. Long gone are the old stereotypes of bland “Eco” fashion.  That mentality is slowly melting away as people become better educated and interested in sustainable design.

And with this in mind, now that summer may be approaching an end, lets take this moment to recap some of my summer fav’s from head to toe; jewelry, swim, clothing, accessories and shoes! Focusing on New York based designers. It’s best to remember though, that fashion conscious brands like the ones listed here run in smaller volumes using high-quality materials with sustainable and ethical practices, thus these are not forever 21 prices. You pay for the integrity of these brands, which I must say are fairly priced when considering the alternatives!


mara hoffmanA total babe & spiritual goddess, Mara is undoubtedly known for her kaleidoscope of tribal prints, evil eyes, dream-catchers & crystals that create a truly modern take on the boho style.  Oh and how could I almost forget, her swimwear! They are top of my list for summer purchases.Having met her a few times now, I feel a tease in her presence.  She collaborates with a number of local artists with sustainable fashion initiatives, such as Pamella Love & Osborn Shoes.Why I like her label,? Well besides the bold prints and lively colour palette, her brand radiates good karma. Although I wish there was a stronger focus on sustainable initiatives within her own styles, many of designs are made in the US, while she promotes those who do and designs with positive intention.Mara is a contemporary designer brand, you can expect prices between $200- 800 +.Mara-Hoffman-Carava#12BEF07MH 1MH 2MH. strappybandeautop_shaktiblack_swim__(1)Where to Buy: Online at


liya-kebede OF LEMLEMLemlem may very well be the coolest way to breeze through the summer heat. But first lets start with the founder, Supermodel / actress and former World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Liya Kebede! She discovered that traditional weavers in her native country of Ethiopia were losing their jobs due to a decline in local demand for their goods and wanted to do something about it. Recognizing the beauty, quality and historic significance of their work, Liya started Lemlem in 2007 as a way to inspire economic independence in her native country and to preserve the art of weavingI have a total crush on the Rucha Split Cover-ups, as well as their scarfs. And well for those with kids, she’s got that covered too!Lemlem is a contemporary brand fairly priced btw $110-500.LEMLEMLEMLEM SCARF2LEMLEM-kebedeWhere to Buy: Online on Lemlem’s website (stock list also available), as well as Barneys, Jcrew, Scoop & Creatures of Comfort.ACE & JIGace and jigI discovered Ace & Jig in my native home, Vancouver a little over a year ago at another fav boutique, One of a Few in Gastown. I was drawn to the gauze cotton cut in minimalistic styles and bold pattern and colours. I quickly inquired about their story and learned that the label works with textile specialists in India, weaving on ancient wooden handlooms. They travel several times a year to work one-on-one with weavers to create their authentic fabrics. Their Indian partners equally share their core values and practice holistic kaizen philosophy, while providing free childcare and using reclaimed water to grow organic produce for their employees.This contemporary brand is affordable with price points between $150-500 respectively.Where to Buy:Online on their website: . New York: Barneys, Steve Allan among many others… In Vancouver Canada at: One of a Few. Check on the website for the entire global stock list.


PAMELA LOVEHer name itself sparks interest. Even if you’ve never heard of her before now, you’re probably thinking you have, the name is just to familiar and has that star like quality. That’s not far off, as her gemstones have the luster and sparkle like the night skies. Pamella’s carefully crafted collection is committed to sustainability and local production. As stated on her website, “all gemstones and semiprecious stones are ethically sourced and almost all metal used is recycled. The entire jewelry-making process, from design to sampling to full-scale production, is completed domestically with the majority of it done in-house at Pamela Love’s Manhattan studio.”Too boot, Pamela Love’s creations are rooted with spiritual and intuitive influence from astronomy, astrology, alchemy, botany, the American Southwest and the architecture of her home, New York City. Quite often she incorporates traditional tribal artisan patterns from North Africa, Mexican folk art, and medieval European iconography into her designs. The result is signature pieces, easily identifiable with the Pamella aesthetic.Pamella’s collaborated with a number of designers, which include some of my favorites as well: Suno, Mara Hoffman, as well as, Zadig & Voltaire, Zac Posen, JCrew,, and Opening Ceremony.Her price point varies depending on the metals and gems used ($200-1000+) but you are guaranteed to have a timeless piece in your jewelry collection.Now that’s beautiful!PL. S4N53O_HALO_NECKLACE_BRASS_ONYX_largePL. PLOR1B_AjnaRing_18KYELLOW_WHITEDIAMONDS_WEB_cropped_largePL. Bullet_Talon_Cuff_Front_WEB_largeWhere to Buy: Online at (full stock list of stores available).


Last year I posted this photos on Instagram:OSBORN SHOES, MY PICA true summer favourite of mine. In fact when I love something I usually buy them in twos! This was no exception. I bought the ones above and these little lace slip-ons as well. Truth be told, I had to break them in and the first few wears were a little painful. However once they were broken in, they were a total dream to wear from morning to night, pounding the pavement!I discovered them at the New York, Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg. After eyeing them on a few visits, I finally made the move to buy them. By that time I was a regular visitor to the co-owner who ran the market location. It was during these visits I learned and fell in love with their story behind the brand.Vertically integrated, these shoes are made ethically in Guatemala using traditional techniques sustainably to craft hand spun, woven & dyed textiles, using local leather for the soles and upper. They are among the few who carefully offer small-batch, direct to consumer footwear using eco-materials, which ultimately create one of kind creations.  In fact, I am wearing one of them now as I write this!There shoes are actually very reasonably priced, and the quality is fantastic. You’ll have them for years to come!OSBORN SHOESWhere to Buy: Online at (stock list available)photos sourced from each designers websites/ instragram account.