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“You have to accommodate your pasts within your persona… it helps you reflect on WHAT you are now.” David Bowie

I heart David Bowie. I am endlessly inspired by HIStory & artistic expression over the years. It’s been on my to-do, to read and research the icon. I watched a couple documentaries this fall on the man himself, FIVE YEARS and as always I am left feeling even more motivated to pick up a pen, pencil, paint brush, something… and create.

Santa did good this year! I was pleasantly surprised with a bio book and this amazing art book IS on David Bowie from the Royal Albert exhibition this past summer, which I desperately wished would go on tour to NYC… still patiently waiting…

The book is big & beautiful, inspiring and so much more.

He oozes androgyny, masculinity & femininity in many of his personas, captivating you with his two coloured eyes and chiselled features. I find him incredibly intriguing, handsome and beautiful.

Here are a few images from IS, the book.

Happy Holidays, Hope your Christmas was Beautiful!


photos by yours truly