Let ‘Em Eat Cake

alexzjohnson falltour2014 sketch edited2

Today my dear friend Alexz Johnson starts her US Tour for her newly released album “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” which is wonderfully available on itunes. It’s been a labour of love she’s beautifully composed, as I’ve witnessed her dedication, devotion, passion, love, honesty, integrity, authenticity throughout the journey of her album. In lieu of her Fall 2014 tour, we teamed up again to design her stage look.  The concept behind this look resonates deeply with this feel of her music. Think soul, think heart, think french new wave & sensuality. It’s a timeless piece that will move to the rhythm of the beat. I am unbelievably proud of her and excited for the wonderful road-trip she is about to begin with this tour.

Wishing you an amazing tour AJ – can’t wait to see you rock the catsuit’


For your musical enjoyment I leave you with this,

Tour Dates

Sketch para mi.

en lieu de couture…



In lieu of Couture shows right now in Paris, I decided to share BENEATH THE VEIL from the archive.

I added new work to DESIGN, featuring a series of gowns. The Project: a prestigious opportunity to present for one of the most exquisite bridal designers in New York. I was asked to design a number of gowns, all with a different source of inspiration and unique embellishment techniques. The company in question is also known for it’s unique use of colour. Turning that traditional white gown into something new. Here is one of the designs I presented.



Click the links above to see the entire series!