Generally I’m on the fence about the longevity of pre-fall collections. It’s one of the slowest selling seasons as is and I feel like we are already starting to see fewer designers present, which isn’t such a bad thing anyways. I have no facts on this, it’s just my observation… However it would allow for more inspiring, focused Fall Collections. In any case, after viewing all the pre-fall collections, I noticed a few common threads … MIDNIGHT FOREST150

Midnight Green and all its tonalities really stuck out as one of the most lushest colour of desire. A new black? Another addition to the moody tonals in our wardrobe? I spotted these colours sprinkled throughout a few prefall 2014 collections above and also at tibi.

Nothing like the cold shoulder, speaks louder then worlds…


Ok, so as presentations wrapped up, I started seeing tassels and fringe one a few collections… I totally dig the Stella styles as it turns back and forth cascading down the garment and the pony tail back down the Alexander Wang dress is interesting. I’m curious if this will continue into Fall Collections next month…

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