Weeks away from her European Tour, Alexz Johnson and I have been busy busy over this passed holiday season finalizing details for her stage tour looks. Sourcing fabrics, finding trims and now here is the inspiration & preliminary sketches for the styles!concept 1 concept 2 concept 3 IMG_9250

Stay tuned for the fitting…

Photos of Alexz with guitar photographed by Jessica Earnshaw
Photo of Alexz in profile with blue top by Ed Araquel


AnnikaTibando-AE-Spring2014Conceptfrom the archive of DESIGN

LUMBER is a quick study of coats and jackets via the journey through the trails with friends, in paths unknown or seldomly taken. It’s an adventure, a tent, a campfire & flannel. It’s an idea, a map, a canoe & a lake. Together it’s a journey and by winter it is the frost followed by the first snow. The silence of the forest, lived in by creatures of the wild.


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Trapped in a prism, in a prism of light
Alone in the darkness, darkness of white

NL conceptWhile listening to Reflektor by Arcade Fire I managed to do a little housekeeping last night and added new material to DESIGN

PRISM. It’s seldom I have the opportunity to design into pink & fem. Neon, Fuchsia, Magenta, Watermelon, Rose, Quartz- they are all amongst my favourite colours. Yet it’s a colour I rarely wear. The idea of a prism of light, reflection, refraction, metallic, nature vs. man is what captivated me to create this concept. The sketches came after. Saturated in colour, bohemian & bright with ease of control & simplicity. It’s juicy & flirtatious.

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Cheers, X