I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with one of my great friends, Alexz Johnson.

Having already established a strong following throughout Canada, the US and internationally for her singing, songwriting and on screen roles, (including lead as Jude on Instant Star). Alexz has since taken her career to the next level, developing her music as an indie artist, with 100% control over her work. Tough to do considering the bureaucracy of the music industry, yet no little feat and a true testiment to her perseverence, Alexz crowd funded her first North American tour in 2012 with overwhelming support.

Fast forward through time, a few months ago, Alexz approached me with the amazing proposal to design her stage looks for her 2014 European Tour with Ron Pope & Wakey Wakey. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to collaborate and it is such an honour for this opportunity and to finally bring our two talents together for this design project.  As Alexz prepares the debute of her next album, crowd funded by Pledge Music, I prepare the inspiration, concept and design of her stage looks.

Set to tour in Februrary throughout the UK, Germany, Sweden and into Norway, Ireland and Holland, there is an inspiring appreciation to the legends & history of these cities. It is with this in mind, together we celebrate these notions in the mood & concept of her stage looks.

Here is a sneak peak of the inspiration & colour- Stay tuned for the development!

sparkle and colourREA

All photos of Alexz photographed by the talented Jessica Earnshaw.