Yesterday I spent the day wandering along Main St in Vancouver, checking out the new shops when I came across this fantastic apothecary shop, The Soap Dispensary. They carry all home essentials and all the necessary tools, bottles, ingredients for one to make potions, lotions & soaps. I was beyond enthusiastic looking at all the different bottles, scrub brushes for the house, kitchen, bathroom and body. I dont know why but these sorts of things really excite me. I love home decor and I love home essentials that are well made and well designed with of course function. I think it’s so cool because really having a bunch of cheap rubber-aid, plastic cleaning tools isnt that visually appealing or sustainable. However having simplistic but beautifully sculptured wooden scrub brushes and enamelled dust pans are!

Okay, I sound nuts :| for many reasons…

A. I dont own or currently live my own home to have or need these items

B. I know, I know … who REALY get’s excited about cleaning supplies, honestly?!

The answer, me!

The girl who, as a child loved to organize, make lists, charts and clean… not just my own room and house but my friends bedrooms. In fact, I took a lot of pleasure out of cleaning there rooms and attempting to put them on a cleaning routine  (to keep there room clean for a day, a few days, a week etc…) Wow! The fact I maintained friendships is kind of puzzling now that I think about it… But I was certainly well liked by the parents of my friends. . .

Alright focus here… back to the store!

In addition to selling cleaning items, beauty supply tools and a few beauty and house cleaning products they also have this amazing refill service of natural, organic, eco, sustainable, biodegradable, chemical free… (you get the drift) shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergent, soaps of all kinds etc… So impressive! The couple who own the store are lovely and they make a wonderful effort to get to know there customers on a personal level, which I instantly noticed while looking around. Its a tiny shop beautifully packed with items!

It reminds me a lot of this shop I love in Shortditch, East London “Labour & Wait” that I discovered last year when visiting a friend. My souvenir was a wooden coat brush made in England of horse hair. Perhaps an odd souvenir to buy oneself but I really love it and it reminds me think of my time in London, the neighborhood and the shop every-time I use it!

The items I purchased today (pictured above) are:

  1. Glass Smoothie Straw with a bristle cleaning stick- I was just at the dentist and he recommended when drinking green smoothies, to sip water intermediately to flush down the residue that hangs around in your mouth that can create the perfect environment for cavity causing bacteria to work their magic on lingering food –> especially when slowly sipping it over the course of the morning! … So I took it one step further today when I saw these glass straws (plus they come with a 5 year warranty, should the glass break!)
  2. Dr. Sponge- The all natural Konjac facial and body cleansing sponge. My soul sister Kate of Living Pretty Naturally, first introduced the beautiful benefits of a Konjac sponge to me on her blog post here. Since then its been on my list to buy & try!!
  3. Lastly a Nail & Kitchen Scrub Brush- Well made of wood with natural bristle, simplistic classic design of form & function!

And there you have it. For my Vancouver eco-friends, I highly recommend you check-out the shop for yourself. I was so impressed with the prices of all the items. Very affordable, if not better then what you find at your local chain grocery store!

Here are photos show you the store. Lihn, pictured below is co-owner who I met when purchasing!


Happy Sunday everyone!

**UPDATE** First four photos are sourced from their website, following photos I snapped with my iPhone

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