Welcome to i.nternational. c.itizen. The resurrection to my blog series by yours truly, Annika Tibando

Greetings new visitors and to all others, you may remember this:

old blog photo exShe was the blog that I cultivated from 2009 until 2011, during which time the initial blog craze swept across the globe. Everyone and their mother had a blog. It was easy to get lost amongst the abundance of bloggers and for some they swiftly navigated to the top with a unique vision and voice.  It wasn’t until shortly after I moved to New York and began to build a small following I simultaneously began working at Diane von Furstenburg, where I had less & less time to whole-heartedly dedicate to “i.nternational. c.itizen.” and so slowly she was left behind in cyber space.

Sad, yes! But since then I have learned so much more with respect to fashion, blogging, social media and how to create my own voice with something unique to say & share amongst the well established bloggers out there. At least, this is the intent.

So it is without further ado I welcome you to the new blog series. Unlike the skeleton that previously existed, I return with a new intention.

i.international. c.itizen.

Is first and foremost a fashion blog with a focus on our future …  My intention is to inspire, create, share, discuss & explore the sensibility encompassed within the fashion industry on a global, ethical, environmental & socially responsible level.

Through this I hope to redefine the word luxury, as a stamp of true craftsmanship, integrity and heritage among those individuals who work together with communities around the world to produce beautiful things for a more harmonious future.

To find out more, check out about i.c.

I look forward to sharing this world with you!

With lots of love,

annika - xox

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